Synchronizing Sales Means Better Customer Coverage and Contact

Synchronized Sales uses inside sales to get to decision makers faster. In the challenging and changing landscape of medical sales, we transform your sales effort. Our approach focuses on using inside sales to shorten the sales cycle and accelerating sales growth. We focus our work on medical devices, equipment and technology.

Synchronizing Sales means more effective sales and better customer coverage and contact. Our depth of experience and flexibility allows us to “synchronize” with your objectives, processes, and people to ensure a collaborative sales process.

Relationship Focused

Our professional successes have come from building long-term relationships based on trust, the highest standards of ethical behavior and quality work and service. We have created this culture in our workplace and bring it to each engagement with our clients.

In addition to our own ethical standards, we validate that activities are compliant with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals and all information is handled appropriately based on HCC and HIPPA guidelines.


Our Process Works
with Your Process

Synchronized Sales uses a Medical Device Sales Process that complements and “synchronizes” with your team and your processes to ensure coordinated, consistent and effective sales.

Our inside sales process includes significant data gathering that ensures we are always responsive to unique targets and situations.

For demonstration processes, the process described below uses a five-step approach. Each company’s needs differ based on expertise, personnel in-place and other factors.

1. Account Targeting

Synchronized Sales identifies and understands prospects through interviews and other data gathering to qualify, map and prioritize accounts. We identify and engage the appropriate decision makers and influencers at all levels and the leverage points and we validate all assumptions.

2. Establishing Opportunity

We determine and verify ordering patterns and products, competitor sales and buyer sophistication and understand market conditions including GPOs, reimbursement landscape, contracts and organizational ownership issues. Synchronized Sales then develops and prioritizes strategy and sales plans.

3. Initiate and Manage Product Evaluation

Synchronized Sales presents quality, economic and other benefits of products to drive demand and conversion. We establish an evaluation plan that includes clear criteria and a purchase plan and handle objections. We arrange account set up and trial orders.

4. Post Evaluation Follow Up, Re-order and Conversion

Synchronized Sales works with the customer to review evaluation criteria and address any objections. We execute the purchase plan and ensure distribution and supply chain fulfillment and engage the customer in experience evaluation to ensure satisfaction.

5. Sell Deep Into Account

Through customer engagement and ongoing connection, Synchronized Sales identifies account level growth opportunities and evaluates sales opportunities in expanding product line sales and expanding into other departments and locations to displace competitors. Synchronized Sales engages in ongoing account scanning for increased sales opportunity and for future sales.

6. Build Walls

Synchronized Sales builds relationships with account representatives and ensures customer service coordination. We review contract compliance for opportunities and maintain visibility in the account through the inside sales presence and we build rapport with contacts.


Accelerate Your Sales Growth and Earnings

We provide inside sales and management teams that synchronize with your sales team to enhance efficiencies. We reduce sales cycles and get customers to commit sooner to multiply your sales results.

Synchronized Sales does this with exceptional people and excellent IT systems that build strong, long-term, service-based relationships.

Make Hundreds of Industry Connections, Today.

We bring all our industry and company knowledge to bear for our clients. We understand the marketplace and work with you to focus on the right prospects and customers for fast implementation and return on your investment.

Synchronized Sales leadership has worked with some of the leading medical device and medical information companies. Synchronized Sales leadership’s clients have included: multiple divisions of Johnson & Johnson, LexisNexis, Rhode Island Quality Institute, SRS Medical and CuraMedix.


Add Industry Leaders
that Understand "Team"

Synchronized Sales leadership team has decades of industry experience developing effective sales processes and leading teams.

The inclusion of experienced management accelerates the sales process and our method includes a consultative approach where we can assist you in adapting the sales approach to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and revenue while minimizing disruption.

Charles G. Tate III, Partner As a Partner in Synchronized Sales, Charlie shares the responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the company. Charlie works closely with Synchronized Sales clients and partners to develop strategic initiatives that accelerate growth and reduce costs through the application of Synchronized Sales methodology. Under Charlie’s direction, Synchronized Sales has developed tools, processes, and practices that foster a performance-based culture that has generated millions of dollars in sales for his clients.

Charlie has founded and managed successful sales and consulting organizations that serviced the Healthcare, Enterprise and Government markets. Prior to Synchronized Sales, he was co-founder of Sagamore Sales, a medical device sales organization that focused on inside sales. Previous to that he was co-founder of BearHill Security, an information security and risk management consultancy specializing in risk analysis and HIPAA GAP Analysis. Prior to BearHill, he was co-founder of Source Technology, a leading systems integrator and technical consulting organization where he grew annual sales to $25 million in five years.

Charlie earned a B.S. in Management from Bentley College.

Our People

Our people are an important differentiator. We only hire college graduates with four-year degrees. They are competitive, intelligent, goal-oriented, and are full-time medical industry sales professionals. We hire our team members for long term, permanent employment that fuels our culture of success.


Join Our Team

Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate and succeed. Our culture is casual and our careers are intensely rewarding.

Let us know when you are ready to make a difference.